Corporate video production is on the rise with brands heavily relying on video to relay important information.

Explainer Video

Think of these as visual instruction manuals on how to use a particular product or service. We have assisted brands in different sectors to help them explain to their customers what their product/service does and how to use it.

Pitch Proposal Videos

Showcase video highlighting key messages your brand represents and stands for. This includes highlighting products/services, background of the company and the future vision, accompanied by some important statistical data.

Training Videos

As with the new measures in place it is not always possible to complete training programs. The best way to train and be trained is now all virtual. Training videos are the new way forward. Easily digestible information accompanied by simple videography allows the focus to remain on learning new products/tasks/procedures for staff members.

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Case Studies

Our corporate video projects

Have a look at some of the previous corporate projects we have worked on. Please note some clients have a confidentiality agreement so all of our past work cannot be displayed.

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