Provide a more personal connection with your audience by showing them what happens behind the scenes of your brand.

What is a video documentary?

Have a detailed story behind your brand that's worth sharing? Or do you want to highlight the usage of your product/service. Then a documentary is the way to go in educating your audience. Documentary videos are informative and detailed in their approach of sharing information. They include interviews with key personnel within brands and experts in particular fields to give balanced opinions. Video documentaries vary in duration from anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour.

What are the benefits of a documentary?

Documentaries often help build trust and give a human perspective. This is important for particular brands in helping build brand awareness, drive sales and educate customers. They are also a great B2B introduction asset to have in your marketing armory, allowing other businesses an insight to your business.

How to budget for documentary production

Having to budget for documentaries is slightly more tricky than commercials. Documentaries might require additional voiceovers, presenters or professional resources such as industry personnel who might want to be compensated for their time. Our pre-production team will help assess these requirements as well as the basic budget you will have for video production.

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Case Studies

Our documentary video projects

Documentary video projects require a lot of research, time and methodical planning to successfully highlight key messages.

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Our Process

Fine tuned for each project

Documentary video projects require a lot of research, time and methodical planning to successfully highlight key messages.

Step 01


After getting familiar with your brand and the brief of the video production project. Brainstorming and a story trail takes place where we map out the direction of the video.This will allow us to highlight the following: Locations, key personnel, budget and the key messages.

Step 02


We start planning & organising for the shoot dates, this includes: location scouting, arrangement of key personnel, acquiring correct video release forms, prepping the correct equipment. Our team will not start production until this stage is fully completed.

Step 03


Documentaries can be filmed over a number of days/weeks or even months. This will be decided early on during the pre-production phase. However, each time a production and directing team will accompany our film crews.

Step 04


Our editing team reviews all footage captured and sets out in stitching the story together from video clips, audio snippets and the use of graphics. Next step will be to colour grade your documentary and export it for the required platforms. Predominantly documentaries are created to be housed on the brands YouTube channel.

Step 05


We provide you a secure location for you to obtain your final video files and offer additional formats on request to further promote your video.