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Are you ready to be entertained? Our portfolio of Films is always increasing with projects being now incorporated by brands.

Film for brands?

Each member of our team here at White Tusk is passionate about films. We have successfully managed to create award winning short films that have attracted brands to get their message across using this same medium. Films allow for escapism and highlighting brands in a way that commercials and documentaries don’t not allow.

Some of our noticeable films for brands have directly increased their revenues through promotion of events, products and services.

How to budget for films

Film budgets are solely based on what the brand is willing to invest. The budget often reflects the cinematic, acting and overall quality of the film. Our film pre-production team can help you better understand this process and are here to answer any queries you may have in using films as a vehicle for brand exposure.

Platform for films

Films are predominantly best suited for YouTube & Vimeo to show the quality in detail. However, there is also room to show films on other social platforms such as Instagram & Facebook.

Our Process

Fine tuned for each project

Film projects processes are regularly similar per project.

Step 01


After getting familiar with your brand and the brief of the film project. Ideas are discussed and developed by our scriptwriters and film directors/producers. Our scriptwriters then go away and write a script which revolves around your brand and key messages. We

Step 02


We start planning & organising for the shoot dates, this includes: location scouting, actor rehearsals, creating storyboards & shot lists, acquiring correct video release forms, prepping the correct equipment. Our team will not start production until this stage is fully completed.

Step 03


Short films can be filmed over a number of days/weeks or even months. This will be decided early on during the pre-production phase. However, each time a production and directing team will accompany our film crews.

Step 04


Our editing team reviews all footage captured and sets out in stitching the story together from video clips, audio snippets and the use of graphics. Next step will be to colour grade your film and export it for the required platforms.

Step 05


We provide you a secure location for you to obtain your final video files and offer additional formats on request to further promote your video.

Why work witH us

Awards & Accolades

Our projects have also won awards from video & film festivals across the globe.

Official Selection

60 Second Intl. Film Festival

Official Selection

First-time Filmmaker Sessions

Official Selection

Lake View Intl. Film Festival

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Case Studies

This is how we roll

Below are just some of the exciting film projects we have directed/produced for brands and International Film Festivals.

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