Video Commercials

Get your brand the attention it needs through an impactful video commercial. Did you know that people are more likely to use your service or buy your product if they remember your commercial?

What is a video commercial?

Short, sharp and purpose driven videos highlighting your brand. Whether you want to advertise a product or a service, commercials are narrative driven videos with a call to action at the end. These videos could be anywhere from 15-40 seconds in duration and target specific audiences.

What are the benefits of a commercial video?

Being short in length, commercials can reside on multiple platforms, these include social media & on location site screens. Commercials push for a call to action i.e. booking, buying, reserving or general enquiries whilst at the same time increasing brand exposure.

How to budget for video commercial production?

Commercial video production budgeting can be tricky especially if you’re new to it. Keep a figure in mind that you’re comfortable with spending. How much is that? Well, that depends on how much you’re prepared to invest in getting your message out. Our pre-production team will be on hand to guide you through this process.

Our Process

Fine tuned for each project

Commercial projects involve a more detailed approach. From budgeting, actor castings right up to advice on paid promotion.

Step 01


After getting familiar with your brand and the brief of the video production project. The team starts to brainstorm ideas on how to effectively get your message across. We’ll look at budgeting and where we can pull our multiple resources together.

Step 02


We start planning & organising for the shoot dates, this includes: creating scripts & shot lists, arranging actors, prepping the correct equipment. This may also include hiring venues and arranging the necessary logistics for certain projects.

Step 03


Shoot day! Our teams arrive on set beforehand to do test runs with lighting, audio and filming. After that its lights, camera, action! Each specialist team has trained and experienced individuals who all help in capturing and directing the perfect video commercial.

Step 04


Our editing team reviews all footage captured and goes about piecing the clips together. Foley, voice over artists and music producers are used where required  We then colour grade the video and export to the format required.

Step 05


We provide you a secure location for you to obtain your final files and offer additional formats on request to further promote your video. Recommended options are provided on paid advertisement to further boost your video viewer reach.

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