Skewd Kitchen

Anatolian with Attitude

Skewd, London’s finest, award winning and dubbed as the best Turkish fine dining restaurant.


The Brief

The situation to be solved

Maz Demir, the executive chef and founder of Skewd approached us to highlight the new rebrand of his beloved Skewd Kitchen. He wanted a video that showed his art of food sprinkled with attitude. ANATOLIAN WITH ATTITUDE. The purpose for this video was to promote Skewd Kitchen’s relaunch after a full refurbishment and rebrand. Social channels such as Instagram was the main platform he wanted to target.

The Challenge

Our Process and Direction

After a full refurbishment of Skewd Kitchen, it would have been easy to highlight the interior décor and the general vibe. However, we of course approached this with an extreme focus on art and food. A blank canvas, with a unique Skewd dish highlighted exactly what Maz desired. During our video pre-production we looked at a variety of artists and how they create their art behind closed doors. Inspiration was taken from a variety of shows such as chefs table, however, we always wanted to give our unique touch to any project we do.

The Execution

Project Solution

We cleared out Skewd Kitchen and placed a special metal surface for Maz to create a unique dish on. Lighting is always key; however, it played a specifically huge part in this project as we wanted everything focused on the surface. Think of an artist's canvas, that's what we tried to replicate in this video. The use of our mist machine and fire added a mood of uniqueness, just like a masterpiece. We directed and guided Maz as he was making the dish and managed to come out with the best we can. With his final action being so powerful and fulfilling to Skewd’s motto. ANATOLIAN WITH ATTITUDE.

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