Tame the Beast

Winner of GQ Magazine & Esquire awards, R.W.Wolf takes men's grooming to a luxury level. Located in Knightsbridge, Monument & Cockfosters, R.W.Wolf has successfully established itself as a leader in men’s grooming.


The Brief

The situation to be solved

We were approached by R.W.Wolf to highlight the re-opening of their branches after Covid-19 Lockdown in London. After being given full creative freedom to intrigue people back into their branches we set out to create something that was relative to the period in time (Post Lockdown). A call to action was requested by the client which was for viewers to book their appointment online.

The Challenge

Our Process and Direction

Having such amazing locations for their branches, we had our pick of where we could film. However we wanted to choose a location that looked and felt derelict. The idea was to push the angle of a barber reopening a branch at midnight, because that's when wolves really come out.. Also, during lockdown there was various videos of mens grooming going down the drain as they were unable to maintain their hair and beards, this was their chance to now book in to ‘Tame The Beast’

The Execution

The Project Solution

Like with all projects, lighting played a key role in telling this story. We wanted to show a deserted shop which had been closed for a long time and along with lighting our mist machine played a key role in giving that impression. We made sure to capture small details whilst referencing the brand itself in different shots either by their logo or their famous caption ‘Tame The Beast’. We decided a motivational voiceover would lend well to the story and the feedback it received was unbelievable. As with many of our clients, R.W.Wolf added paid advertisement behind their this campaign to successfully reach new audiences who engaged with the video and carried out the call to action.

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