Noa Takeaway Commercial

Takeaway Campaign

Noa Lounge a hidden oasis in the heart of Watford serving pan Asian cuisine.


The Brief

The situation to be solved

Noa Lounge wanted to launch an additional delivery and takeaway services to their successful lounge. The purpose of this video was to take an astonishing shoot and help promote their new services across chosen delivery platforms to their existing and potential new customers. The platforms Noa Lounge will be on are Deliveroo, Just EAT and UberEATS.

The Challenge

Our Process and Direction

Using a calming voice with description about their service, a joke and some food facts has made their video come across silky, smooth and tempting. The chicken crossing the road joke was purely to engage their customers and put a slight smile on their face. We have sourced specific props for this shoot. Making the scene look cloudy but dreamy, mysterious with dark tones and focusing the camera on the dishes gave us a sophisticated and complete look overall.

The Execution

Project Solution

Using the correct lighting is crucial and we have achieved this by adjusting and blocking light from all angles and sticking to one overhead light for spotlighting the finest dishes. For each shot, the angle of the camera was tweaked expertly. We and Noa Lounge is totally thrilled with the outcome! The final videos look as if they were sent down from heaven or we were purely just having a dream. Just imagine, a soothing descriptive voice plus this delicious burger.. well, this does sound like a tasty dream to us, after all it is The TASTE of GLORY..

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