M Terrace

This Must Be The Place...

M Kitchen’s new Terrace has been dubbed the place to be in South London. Offering a relaxed atmosphere to wine and dine with friends and loved ones.


The Brief

The situation to be solved

Topel, the owner of M Kitchen got in touch with us to highlight the opening of a new section at his restaurant. M Terrace is a vibrant section towards the rear of the restaurant which caters for a crowd that likes to wine and dine in a more relaxed atmosphere. His focus was to highlight the array of drinks on offer. The key message to go with the video was their caption ‘This Must Be The Place… #MKitchen’

The Challenge

Our Process and Direction

Our approach to highlighting a venue has varied on different projects we have done. With the focus to be on the drinks, according to the brief, we wanted to highlight something more engaging than just a drink being made. Our goal was to make this video eye catchy and play on certain colours.

The Execution

The Project Solution

We set about emptying the venue with focusing on one customer both with a long bar table in front where our specialist barman will do a variety of tricks. Our shots aimed to capture well known brand names along with intricate details to set the mood. Lighting again played a vital role along with our mist machine and selection of actors.

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