Chappell Lofts

A day in the life of a resident

Chappell Lofts is the conversion of the famous Victorian era Chappell Piano factory into spacious three and four bedroom multi-million pound loft-apartments.


The Brief

The situation to be solved

Having seen some of our previous work, we were approached by the marketing team of Chappell Lofts to highlight a day in the life of a resident. From highlighting the spacious environment to capturing the smaller details we were set a tight deadline as the video was to be used in their sales campaign for the apartments.

The Challenge

Our Process and Direction

Our vision and direction was clear from the start, highlighting the model in certain parts of the apartment and focusing on the smaller details which really showed what Chappell Lofts was about.

The Execution

Project Solution

It was important to highlight the facilities and the surroundings of the apartment, from the kitchen right down to the swimming pool. An introduction shot of showing the whole apartment block was carried out by drone. We made sure to capture wide shots and close ups to fulfil the brief and help tell the story. We wanted upbeat background music to the video footage and we believe the pop genre music lended well in accomplishing that.

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