Aura Restaurant

Aura is a new Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in the heart of Loughton, Essex.


The Brief

The situation to be solved

The founders of Aura approached us in the need of videos to support their social media launch campaign. They wanted visually compelling imagery that reflected and appealed to their target audience whilst incorporating the meaning of their brand.

The Challenge

Our Process and Direction

The meaning behind Aura, as described by their brand manager, was the five senses an average human being has - Sound, Taste, Touch, Smell & Sight. We carried out market research on the target audience and realised fashion would play a key role.

The Execution

Project Solution

We actually filmed this video on the same site of the restaurant whilst renovations were taking place. This allowed us to black-out the complete site and gave us complete control of lighting. Each video successfully highlighted a sense with a clean fashionista finish. Our goal was to achieve eye catching videos for the target audience, which was very successful.

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