Short Film

A short film highlighting the confidence issues that victims of acid attacks have to deal with.

Film & TV

The Brief

The situation to be solved

An internal project where the team wanted to highlight the confidence issues faced by women who have been the victims of acid attacks. A key message at the end was important to highlight important stats and figures and to bring awareness to such disturbing attacks.

The Challenge

Our Process and Direction

Researching this topic was emotionally draining as we read through many stories of victims and how acid attacks have changed their lives. This made us even more determined to create a short piece of visual art to highlight these unfortunate events and the issues faced by victims of vitriolage. To the people who stare and judge someone by their scares, they do not realise the emotional effect it has on victims.

The Execution

Project Solution

Our colour choices for this video highlighted someone who is in a tough and dark place mentally. Our story joins the young lady who is trying to look good for the camera but she believes otherwise. Each shot tells a story from the wide angles to the close ups. The face reveal and long stare into the camera at the end is to make the viewer realise the pain the victim is going through.

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