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Mum is a short film highlighting a young male coming to terms with the loss of his mother.

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The Brief

The situation to be solved

An internal short film project where the team wanted to highlight the journey people go through initially after the realisation of losing a loved one. These moments are usually common amongst people who have unfortunately been through this tough period.

The Challenge

Our Process and Direction

Researching this topic in video pre-production was emotional yet the team wanted to highlight this moment many people have gone through. Our reccie enabled us to plan shots and also practice on set blocking with the actors involved. We wanted to highlight the actors in different locations where some were in doors and one outdoors. Our lighting team ran a test scene which helped us see how lighting would look and if it matched the mood we were aiming to achieve before the shoot date. A number of acting rehearsals were carried out to help make the actors develop into their roles.

The Execution

Project Solution

Our colour choices for this video highlighted someone who is in a confused and lost space. In post-production we added sound effects and a flashback video at the beginning, giving context to the overall story. The breakup of scenes from the main character to the secondary characters also helped drive the story forward. in a tough and dark place mentally. The home for this short film is now on Vimeo and has been entered for a number of international film festivals.

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