Hussain Manawar

Christmas Music Documentary

Hussain Manawar is a well renowned music artist as well as an advocate for highlighting mental health amongst young people.


The Brief

The situation to be solved

We were invited to capture the story behind Hussain’s Christmas music single which focuses on young people being without a special loved one during a festive period.

The Challenge

Our Process and Direction

In video pre-production we first went about getting to know the artists who were going to appear on the video to the song. We came up with key questions that were going to be highlighted throughout various points of the mini documentary.

The Execution

The Project Solution

For video production we planned to mix interviews and sound snippets from Hussain with the other artists that were invited on the day for the music video. It was important to get others peoples perspective on this cause and how it would help people that were affected by being without a special loved one during Christmas. We also made sure we captured the performance and candid situation with Hussain to give the story an even more genuine feel and a brief insight to how friendly and passionate Hussain was about this project. In post video production we added a very calm and thought provoking background beat to allow the story to be told in a nice subtle way. This video was used by Hussain on his Social channels to help promote the launch of his new single.

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